A blessing is an intentional bestowing of good wishes, healing or protection upon a person or a place.

Your blessing ceremony will be developed according to your story, ideas, your values and your understandings. It may be based in a spiritual framework or it may be entirely secular.  We’ll meet together – usually at your home. I’ll listen carefully to your story and your wishes and we’ll develop our ideas. I’ll craft your blessing uniquely for you and your circumstances, and then I’ll lead your ceremony. 


A baby blessing welcomes your baby into a family and a community and blesses the baby for all that lies ahead.

The creative possibilities are endless. You may wish to tell the story of your baby’s ancestry, birth and life to date. You might consider formally bestowing a name and including promises from parents and Godparents/sponsors. Music and words can be used in many different ways. 


Throughout our lives, we move from one way of being to another. We begin and leave school; we graduate from university; we set off on an OE; we move towns or countries; we become citizens; we begin new jobs; we begin and end pregnancies; we celebrate significant birthdays; we enter puberty and menopause; we retire from the workforce; and we resolve difficult situations.  

Sometimes, it’s important to mark a transition. A blessing ceremony recognises the journey to this point. It anticipates what lies ahead and blesses the person moving from one way of being to another. The ceremony may be very simple or it may include creative use of words, music and symbolic enactments.


Perhaps you’re planning a house-warming party for your new home, and you’d like to include some structure. Maybe your new business premises are ready to go and you’d like to formally open them with a sense of occasion and blessing.

It could be that a death or traumatic event has occurred in your home or in some other place, and that the place seems somehow uncomfortable or troubled.

A blessing of a special place acknowledges the way that you inhabit the place and the meanings of the place to you. Your blessing ceremony will be created to celebrate a place, or to heal and restore it.


Hi Elizabeth

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for Izzie’s blessing ceremony yesterday.  We loved planning everything with you – especially those questions you asked us about what it meant to be parents to our wee girl and all that we dream for her. It really made us think. Everyone loved the ceremony and the way that you included our parents and our friends and I loved the way that we all showered Izzie with the pink rose petals. Izzie’s “christening” was simple but so lovely and just right for our new family. Thank you again Elizabeth! It was just so special and our baby is beautifully set up for her life.

Emily and Matt

My house was blessed and the past was cleared by Elizabeth Bennett.  She was so amazing. Elizabeth came into my home and went through a spiritual process, to first of all clear any past events that may have left a memory of negativity, then to proceed to bless each room for the value and meaning for the future well-being of my family, guests and friends who enter this home.

The true difference is that after the blessing, even though I have a gorgeous home and space, it has changed. My home is so very peaceful. There is a freedom for love, a change for my children who were brought up here and a space for my community to be proud of.

My home is blessed and so am I. Thank you Elizabeth.


When my husband was diagnosed with cancer late last year, we were both devastated.  When it turned out that chemotherapy was not going to work and that he was definitely not going to get well again, we wanted to do something to mark the situation but we weren’t sure what. Our neighbour suggested that we speak to Elizabeth.  

Elizabeth met with us at our house and spent a lot of time with us. She didn’t rush anything and was sensitive and patient as we tried to find words to describe what we felt and thought. There were a few tears. Actually, she felt like a close friend, even though we had never met her before.  

When she came to our house to bless Keith, only the three of us were present so it felt close and special. The ceremony was one of the deepest things I have ever experienced. We are not religious but Elizabeth understood our spirituality and ideas that were difficult for us to pin down.  Afterwards, many things changed for each of us. It was a very emotional and powerful experience.